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Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Another classic animation by my talented husband Vanguard83 . I love sharing his work with my watchers that may have never discovered his DA page before finding me. Because of his job he's been out of the animation game for awhile now and when I check up on his page the views aren't great although he's still getting new watchers all the time. I've dabbled in animation myself and have gotten pretty good with it although I don't think I'll ever reach the levels he did...even though he says I'm already there. Hope you enjoy this's another of my favorites...and please feel free to check out more of Van's work at :iconvanguard83: .
How do YOU see me? When I started here on DA I tried to be a real good fact I refused to be rendered topless. A lot of things have changed since then and going forward I would like to know how my watchers see me. One of my friends actually calle
36 deviants said just do what needs to be done to win.
24 deviants said may have to bend the rules but only if your opponent bends them first.
21 deviants said win if you can, you lose if you must but you ALWAYS cheat.

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Nikki's fist slammed into Liz's crotch and followed up with two big punches to her jaw and Liz staggered, her eyes wide with astonishment that even after taking such a ferocious  pounding  Nikki was able to come back and still had the power to hurt her!  With Liz reeling from the massive punches Nikki quickly grabbed her by the hair and threw the dazed blond against the side of the box car. Defiantly, Liz stared into Nikki's fiercely glowing eyes and hissed "take your best shot, you skanky bitch....but you'd better put me down for keeps or...." Cocking her right fist, Nikki snarled, "You talk too much, Yank!"   and smashed a savage blow deep into Liz's belly! Gasping in agony Liz doubled up and, immediately, Nikki stepped to one side and smashed a two handed blow across the stunned blondes back. Liz hit the wooden flooring hard, mashing her breasts and knocking the last of the air from her lungs; for the first time in her fighting career Liz Claws experienced fear and doubt, defined by the tough, fast, feisty Limey bitch standing over her and laughing at her plight! Then Nikki dropped heavily onto Liz's back and grabbed her legs, pulling her into a Boston Crab! Liz howled as her back was bent into a bow, her legs almost touching her head as Nikki pulled back on them hard! "Just cry out when you've had enough, Yank!" Nikki laughed, pulling back on Liz's feebly kicking legs even harder! Blood dripped from Liz's nose and mouth, mixing with the sweat that poured from her head and face in a pool in front of her, but she gritted her teeth and refused to surrender, even though she felt her spine would snap! "Come on, bitch, give!" Nikki shouted, heaving back on Liz for all she was worth, her weight and the pressure of the excruciating hold grinding the screaming woman's breasts into the hard, unforgiving floor! Finally Liz let out a tortured, anguished scream and Nikki released her and got to her feet. Staring at her unmoving opponent, stretched out limply before her, Nikki gasped, "I have to admit you're one tough, fucking bitch, Claws, maybe too tough for your own good!" Then, turning around and looking up into one of the cameras above her, she said, hands on hips, "It's over Walker, your girl was good, but I'm better and still the get this fucking door open and give me my money so I can get out of this stinking dump and go home!" Nikki waited for a few seconds, but, hot, hurt and weary, her temper was starting to fray."Did you hear me, you bastard? Open the fucking door....Now!" Nikki yelled.  "I heard you, Miss Martin, but you clearly did not hear me earlier; to leave you need to open the door on the side facing the lake, but before you can leave , your opponent must first submit, which she has not! You know our rules." Nikki kicked the side of the box car furiously, snarling, "Damn you Walker, she's had enough...surely even you can see that! She's finished, it's over!" Calmly, and knowingly, Walker replied, "We just need to hear her submit, that's all." Her face flushed bright red with fatigue, pain and anger, Nikki hissed, "just one more fight and my contract with you and your lousy organisation is complete!" Never one to really want to hurt a beaten, bloodied opponent further, Nikki reluctantly turned back to Liz...... straight into a heavy, devastating, mind numbing blow from Liz's right fist! Nikki lurched backwards, her senses scrambled, stunned and dazed from Liz's  devastating punch! Staggering, her eyes wide with surprise and pain, her arms wind milling, Nikki crashed into the hard, wooden side of the box car, striking her head with sickening force! No longer in control of her legs Nikki stumbled blindly and Liz,  sucking air deep into her lungs, hit her again, this time with a hard, straight left, mashing Nikkis lips! Somehow Nikki stayed on her feet, swaying and wobbling, her arms hanging limp at her sides, her once sparkling green eyes now dull and lifeless....Liz knew the fight was hers now....the straight left had merely set Nikki up, now Liz could put everything she had into her punches! "I owe you this, Fighter Bitch!" Liz spat venomously, and drove her right fist deep into Nikki's belly with such power she told friends later that she could feel the Fighter Girls spine against her knuckles! Nikki doubled up in pain and shock, but Liz was not done with her yet! As Nikki teetered towards her Liz stepped back and threw a blistering uppercut with such force it lifted Nikki off her feet and sent her arching through the fetid, sweat soaked air, arms and legs flailing! Hitting the floor hard, Nikki lay there spread eagled, her right leg twitching, her head to one side with drool and blood seeping from the corner of her mouth, out cold! Panting, Liz kicked Nikki in the thigh, but she didn't move, she was totally out of it. Taking a deep breath Liz raised her arms above her head and placed her booted foot on Nikki's breast and punched the air, whooping!  "Congratulations, Ms. Claws, you're a worthy champion!" Walker said through the PA system, "and I hope you appreciate your position and what The Promotion can offer you more than your predecessor did; Miss Martin was not popular and already there have been several messages from our clients thanking you for beating her so decisively.......and they, The Promotion, and I, have no reservations should you wish to make her suffer some more; indeed, one of our clients asks you to humble her and make her submit, and will gladly pay to see it!" Liz was tired and her body ached and all she really wanted to do was get out of the sweltering box car, take her money and go home for a good long bath....but she didn't want to start her new career with The Promotion on the wrong foot by refusing to cooperate; "Well Mr. Walker" she said, "I'd be glad to beat on this bitch for your client all day for nothing, I always like to give my fans what they want..... but I won't turn down the extra money!" Walker laughed and said "Liz, you're a girl after my own heart; I can see we're going to get along swimmingly! OK Liz, have some fun with Miss Fighter Girl, you earned it!"
Liz dropped onto Nikki and straddled her, then began slapping her face to revive her. "Come on, Fighter Cunt, I've not done with you yet!" Nikki's eyes flickered and she gazed up to see Liz sitting on top of her. "Ata gal, Nikki, show everybody you've still got something left!" Liz sneered and then hauled Nikki to her knees. "It seems your friend Mr. Walker wants me to make you suffer some more....well, that's fine with me! Drawing back her fist, Liz drove it with everything she had into Nikki's face, sending the battered blond sprawling!
The air in the  boxcar was heavy, sultry and oppressive, with condensation running down the sides and the wooden floor slick with a mixture of moisture, sweat and blood. Ignoring the heat and the pain and fatigue in her limbs and body, relentlessly Liz kept pounding away, pummelling Nikki into the dirt and grime and then dragging her up only to punish her further, driving her blood soaked fists into Nikki's helpless, battered, beaten body, ripping into pulped stomach muscles and  bruised, swollen breasts, giving Nikki a vicious, ignominious beating and one that Liz intended to savour, taking this brutal,ferocious battle beyond mere defeat! Nikki was no stranger to pain, or defeat, but this was something else, and like nothing she had ever experienced before!Liz Claws had made Nikki Martin her very own rag doll, to play with, or destroy, at her pleasure! "Don't you pass out on me now, bitch, the longer you suffer, the more money I make!" Liz rasped, catching Nikki as she slid limply towards the floor. Pushing Nikki back against the side of the boxcar Liz  held her there by her throat and began slapping her mauled, bruised breasts with the palm of her open hand. Nikki moaned in misery, desperately kicking and struggling to escape her tormentor, but her efforts were futile, and only urged Liz to punish her more! "Your tits are mine, cunt!" Liz snarled, digging her finger nails into Nikki's flesh and raking them! Nikki screeched in agony as blood trickled across her breasts, onto the nipples and dripped onto her belly. Liz stood back to admire her handiwork, a cruel smile on her lips; "You won't be showing your tits on any beach any time soon!" she laughed and then drove her fist up into Nikki's left breast and then her right. Nikki squeezed her eyes tightly shut against the pain, but her contorted features betrayed her agony.
Liz was enjoying herself now, enjoying Nikki's pain, enjoying making her suffer! "Come on Fighter Bitch, fight me!" she taunted, moving back to the centre of the tiny arena; Nikki had nothing left, she was hanging on by sheer will power, fighting the screaming voice in her head telling her to quit, to submit, to admit her defeat and throw herself at the mercy of her victor, but she ignored it, determined to cling on to the one thing Liz couldn't beat out of her, her pride!  Nikki willed her exhausted body to move but her limbs no longer answered and, laughing, Liz fired a left jab into Nikki's face, rocking her head back on her shoulders. Nikki staggered and Liz let fly with a showy combination, each punch  finding its target, ripping into Nikki's head and body till a big left to her ribs dropped her to her knees! "Come on Nikki, at least put on a show for your fans!" mocked Liz as Nikki clutched her belly in agony, blood dripping from her open mouth. Liz half expected Nikki might quit there and then, but again she got to her feet and surprised Liz with a wild swing, but, stumbling clumsily off balance, the punch missed its target by a yard. Nikki reeled and lurched helplessly as Liz drove her across the blood stained wooden floor, selecting her punches  in a sustained, systematic assault, pounding Nikki without mercy! Nikki staggered and rocked as punches crashed about her head, pummelling her breasts and body as a pitiless Liz continued the brutal, savage beating!Liz had taken some bad beatings in her own fight career but she was amazed at Nikki's resilience and courage, or maybe it was just foolhardiness!
Another big upper cut sent Nikki sprawling onto her back again and, gasping, Liz stood hands on hips, gazing at Nikki's grimy, sweat soaked, beaten body as it lay stretched out on the dirty floor; Liz had never met an opponent like this Fighter Girl who simply refused to accept her as the better woman!
Nikki's eyes gazed blankly at the roof of what was now her very own chamber of horror; her battered body was beyond pain and her devastated mind numbed beyond comprehension as she lay there, the sweat and blood on her breasts and stomach glistening beneath the lights. Liz looked at her bloody, bruised hands and decided that, if she couldn't beat this stubborn British bitch into submission, she'd have to break her apart! Liz rolled Nikki's almost lifeless body over and then plunged onto her back and pulled back on her head in a vicious camel clutch! Choking and spluttering Nikki was helpless, her body arched painfully back, her blood spattered breasts tautened by the strain! Nikki was in agony, but, shaking her head she refused to submit! For what seemed a life time, Nikki endured the incredible stress and pain, till finally, her arms weary, Liz released the hold, but not to give Nikki any respite! Planting her booted foot firmly in Nikkis back, Liz yanked on Nikkis arms; "Give you bitch!" Liz screamed, grinding her heel into Nikki's flesh! Though she was in agony, Nikki still managed to rasp "Go fuck yourself!" and Liz knew that she was going to have be more brutal than she had ever been before to get Nikki Martin to submit! "OK, you wanna suffer, then suffer!" she hissed!
For the next fifteen minutes Liz put Nikki into every hold she knew, and some she made up there and then, stretching and tearing her, stressing Nikki's battered, beaten body beyond pain and endurance, punishing her mercilessly until both women were soaked in sweat. Breathing hard, perched astride Nikki's torso, Liz gazed at the woman beneath her, still incredibly beautiful despite the beating, and, as if in a trance, her hand reached out to Nikkis round, full breast and began caressing it. Nikki groaned as Liz teased her nipple erect, and suddenly Liz knew how she could get that submission! "I can't beat a submission out of you, can't force it out of you.... but maybe there's another way!" Getting to her feet Liz began pulling off Nikki's boots, but Nikki seemed to sense what Liz had in mind and began struggling, but when Liz placed her own booted foot on Nikki's breast and began grinding the heel into it, Nikki screamed then lay still. Next Liz unbuckled the belt around Nikkis tight pants and pulled them down her legs. Tossing the pants to one side, Liz stood back to let the cameras get a good look at Nikki, now naked but for a pair of skimpy black briefs. "Mr. Walker, I hope you and your customers are enjoying the sight of your ex champion getting stripped!" she crowed, then, ripping off the black briefs she held them in the air! Liz was breathing hard now, but not through exertion, and she slowly began to stroke her own breasts, then, in a slow, sensuous strip, she removed her own clothing and then straddled Nikki again. Nikki shook her head and moaned "You bitch, you won't...." but, shoving Nikkis own briefs into her mouth, Liz ended her protests!  
Slowly, Liz slid her hands across Nikkis body, over her breasts and up the inside of her thigh. Nikki gazed wide eyed, her gagged mouth emitting small, muffled gasps and groans as Liz's fingers probed inside her. "Got your attention, huh?" Liz chuckled as Nikki whimpered softly, then she drove  hard into Nikki's sex! Nikki squirmed and writhed uncontrollably beneath Liz but suddenly the invasion stopped and Liz chuckled, "That's enough of that, the pleasures going to be all mine from now on!" Jumping to her feet, Liz grabbed Nikki's belt and began lashing her breasts and belly, ignoring Nikki's agonised muffled screams! Kicking Nikki onto her front Liz brought the belt down across the howling Fighter Girls back and buttocks! Then, perching herself upon Nikki in a reverse face sit Liz rubbed her naked ass over Nikkis face; "Like that, do you honey?" Liz gasped, then, taking one of Nikkis  boots, dragged the spike heel across her belly and down to her crotch, leaving behind a faint red mark on the skin. Nikki's body tensed as the boot heel grazed over her mound, then she let out a stifled gasp it slowly slid inside her! Open mouthed, her eyes rolling, Nikki moaned as the spike heel began to move inside her, slowly at first, then faster and deeper! Liz's  moist tongue ran over her lips, and, panting hard, she reached for Nikki's left breast and began caressing it, kneading the nipple set her down and worked the boot heel harder! As Nikki whimpered in pain and unwanted pleasure Liz too could feel heat and desire rising within her, but with a deep breath she pulled back; she wouldn't let anything distract her from humiliating Nikki Martin into submission and defeat! Back in control, Liz eased the now sopping wet boot heel out of Nikki's sex then turned to face her, holding the boot inches from Nikki's staring, fearful eyes; "I want to hear you say you're done, Fighter Bitch, I want you to beg, if not...." and she jabbed the spike heel into Nikki's breast, cruelly twisting it deep into the flesh. Nikki convulsed in pain, shaking her head and moaning into her sodden gag, but Liz could see her eyes still gleamed with fire, an inner fire only true fighters possessed. Throwing the boot aside Liz ripped the gag from Nikki's mouth and in one swift movement swept her up into the air, over her head and then brought her crashing down upon her knee! Nikki screamed as Liz forced her body backwards , pushing her head almost to the floor! "Submit!" Liz hissed, and raked Nikki's tautened breasts! Shrieking, Nikki could only stare at the roof, her eyes filled with pain and tears as Liz mauled her! "Submit!" Liz yelled and smashed her fists into Nikki's tortured body  in a double axe handle blow! Nikki's abused body jerked upright and Liz smashed her back down then hammered another double axe into her belly! "Fucking submit!" she cried again! Nikki's back was  a sea of burning agony but her reply was a slow, weary, shake of her head. Pushing Nikki to the floor, Liz dropped on top of her and forced her legs wide apart and smothered her with her breasts in a grapevine pin, making Nikki writhe and thrash as she gasped for air. "Come on, give it up!" Liz hissed, "Submit!" and, in a voice almost too weak to hear, Nikki mumbled falteringly, "N, never..... nothing, nothing  you do will make me submit to you, nothing!" Liz stared at Nikki as if seeing her for the first time, then pulled her to her knees, "I know" she said, almost compassionately, "and if I was you, I wouldn't submit either."Then, taking a quick step back, Liz unleashed a huge upper cut, wrenching Nikki's head nearly from her shoulders and sending her tumbling backwards to the floor, her fight finally over.Standing astride her beaten opponent, Liz stared triumphantly into a camera, gasping. Liz hadn't made Nikki submit, but she had certainly humbled her and now it was time for Nikki Martins final humiliation. Dragging Nikki's lifeless body behind her Liz went to the door and banged it three times and seconds later it slid open. Liz blinked in the harsh sunlight as Walker and his heavies all stood and applauded her, then she lifted and heaved Nikki across her shoulders, affecting a victory pose, and shouted triumphantly, "Take a hike, Nikki fucking fighter girl Martin!" and hurled Nikki's  naked, insensible body into the lake below then raised her arms above her head in triumph!
As Liz retrieved her clothes Walker strolled over to the lake; Nikki had somehow dragged her beaten body towards the bank but the effort had been too much and she had collapsed, face down in the shallow water, one hand grasping a clump of weed. With a snarl, Walker licked Nikki's hand away and said, in a voice filled with contempt and sheer malice,  "Not so tough after all, were you, you little bitch! Goodbye, cunt!" Then he turned away, leaving Nikki to drown! The Promotion had a new Champion now and  Walker was  looking forward to a long, prosperous and hassle free association with her "The Champ is dead!" he said to himself, "Long live the Champ!"
Welcome To Hell Part 2
SPOILER ALERT! This is part 2 of the story written by my partner in crime, :iconredmanxthered: and will take you beyond the pictures I have done up to this point. I will still be doing pictures for the rest of the story but you will find out how it ends. With that said read on because it IS an exciting finish.:kiss:

Story written by :iconredmanxthered: and :iconthis-cat-has-claws:
The Promotions Underground Fight Club
Somewhere in an undisclosed location a group of "by invitation only" high rollers watch the special closed circuit broadcast of Liz "This Cat Has" Claws vs Nikki "Fighter Girl" Martin for the "Promotion" championship from one of over a hundred secret underground clubs owned and managed by Walker and the "Promotion" itself. Although Nikki and Liz can't see it, thousands of dollars change hands by the minute as the patrons bet on everything from who would be the first to step into the boxcar, who would bare her breasts first, who would land the first blow, who would draw first blood and of course who would walk out the champion. The crowd let's out a gasp as they can feel the fight nearing the end and they all jump back a little as blood splatters a camera focused in on the action as if it would spray right out of the television like a 3D movie. Win or lose, the gamblers were getting one hell of a show.

Story by :iconredmanxthered: and :iconthis-cat-has-claws:
Cat In A Cage Part 3 By Vanqvisher
Joanna managed to take me down to the ground thinking I wouldn't stand a chance but little did she know I've learned a thing or two about MMA and wrestling since the OCWorldTour-nament . I manage to roll her on her back and use my favorite weapons on her. I think the canvas looks much better painted in her blood.

Once again I can't thank my friend Vanqvisher enough for these pictures. Find him here at :iconvanqvisher: and keep watching for the forth and final picture from this titanic tough girl bout.
Hello all....I have some REALLY exciting news to bring you! After almost a full year the rematch has been set.
Hyori Vs Cat Promo    By Erazer941-dazut59[1] by This-Cat-Has-Claws

My dear friend Erazer941 had been in contact with both Hyori ( :iconnuwenhai: ) and myself about a rematch because the first fight between us was so close at the end. You may remember that I squeaked out a victory against the former South Korean champion after we brutally beat one another senseless.
Hyori vs Liz 29 by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Not only did I beat Hyori that night and had her removed from the ring on a stretcher, but I also humiliated her by tearing her top away mid fight exposing her bare chest for all the world to see. Since then Hyori has wanted revenge on me and has called me out after several of her fights.
Sending a Message by MiltonTeruel
(click on the picture above and check out not only the comments but more of MiltonTeruel 's great works)

You could say that this is about Hyori wanting revenge for me beating her the first time we could also say this is about me wanting to prove to the world that my victory over Hyori wasn't a fluke...but when we get right down to brass tacks it's REALLY all about the fact that Hyori and I HATE one another soooooooooo much that we're willing to put our bodies (and maybe even our lives) on the line in order to try to hurt one another. I need to break this bitch mind, body and soul and I know she feels the same way. Erazer941 was kind enough to set me up with his amazon fighter from Finland, Klara Solberg to spar with and get me in the right frame of mind for this fight.
Cat Sparring Klara By Erazer941-db1mrmg[1] by This-Cat-Has-Claws

Hyori, back out now while you still have the chance! If you chose NOT to then know I fully intend to destroy you this time and you may end up leaving the arena in a hearse.


This-Cat-Has-Claws's Profile Picture
Liz "This Cat Has" Claws
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
We've come a long way, Baby! I opened this page knowing NOTHING about digital art other then it was a hobby of my husband Vanguard83 . The only reason this page existed is a female watcher of my hubby's called me out to fight in an animated art project on his page. Rather then trash talk her over his shoulder I figured I would step up and verbally spar with her face to face. Things kind of snowballed from there to me writing the story of my first ever REAL fight back in jr high school, to trying to pose figures in DAZ to my new passion (as well as my husbands) animation. I am working closely with Van and he is showing me how to properly position figures and use different speeds for different effects. He and I are hoping to help make a name for ourselves in the years to come with animated cat fights, wrestling matches and women's boxing. I hope my art is around years and years after I'm not.


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