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Straight Left by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Mature content
Straight Left :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 31 76
Liz By Yuli Chan2 by This-Cat-Has-Claws Liz By Yuli Chan2 :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 38 51 Alice vs Liz by This-Cat-Has-Claws Alice vs Liz :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 16 24 Liz vs Kandi by Ramseyrule87 by This-Cat-Has-Claws Liz vs Kandi by Ramseyrule87 :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 25 32 Liz Claws Back By Vanqvisher by This-Cat-Has-Claws Liz Claws Back By Vanqvisher :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 29 28 This Cat Has A Killer Uppercut By Vanqvisher by This-Cat-Has-Claws This Cat Has A Killer Uppercut By Vanqvisher :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 24 23 Let's Get Ready To Rumble! by This-Cat-Has-Claws Let's Get Ready To Rumble! :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 14 45 Grab And Punch by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Mature content
Grab And Punch :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 32 60
Lights Out  Liz  By Vanqvisher by This-Cat-Has-Claws Lights Out Liz By Vanqvisher :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 34 38 Liz By Trent Harlow and Jeansinclairarts by This-Cat-Has-Claws Liz By Trent Harlow and Jeansinclairarts :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 20 20 Nikki Argues With Walker by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Mature content
Nikki Argues With Walker :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 21 45
Nikki Thinks It's Over by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Mature content
Nikki Thinks It's Over :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 20 71
Mature content
Total Body Enhancement by Trent Harlow :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 18 24
Mature content
Belle's Bar 13 by gbox12 :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 7 24
Liz vs Andrea by dclgaara
Liz was pacing the ring full of anger and energy anxious for this fight. She'd been challenged by my ex girlfriend Andrea to a private fight just me and Liz: Andrea and a trainer; and an impartial referee. This fights stipulations were one of the reasons why Liz was pacing the ring full of anger. If Andrea won she got me back as her corner man and boy toy for six months. If she lost Andrea would hang up her gloves and never fight again. Of course Liz was also angry that Andrea had been sending me all sorts of sexy boxing pictures to try to turn me on.
Liz knows I only have eyes for her and we had even fired back pictures of me training and worshipping Liz in hose and boxing gloves. But Liz wanted to make Andrea pay for even sending the pictures or trying to steal me.
Finally Andrea entered the gym and ring with her trainer. The referee did the introductions:
"In the black corner in a white lace bra, white foxy boxing shorts with black trim, sequined white hose, black boxing boots and b
:iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 10 35
Cat With Hearts By Rolekved by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Mature content
Cat With Hearts By Rolekved :iconthis-cat-has-claws:This-Cat-Has-Claws 13 61

Random Favourites

2 by Blndvsbrunfan02
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Pit Fight 34 :iconaleenazon:AleenaZon 11 3
Pit Fight 35 by AleenaZon
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Pit Fight 35 :iconaleenazon:AleenaZon 13 11
Pit Fight 33 by AleenaZon
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Pit Fight 33 :iconaleenazon:AleenaZon 7 2
Pit Fight 32 by AleenaZon
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Pit Fight 32 :iconaleenazon:AleenaZon 9 1
Rebecca vs Shannon 7 by veryoldoldold
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Rebecca vs Shannon 7 :iconveryoldoldold:veryoldoldold 31 5
Rebecca vs Shannon 5 by veryoldoldold
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Rebecca vs Shannon 5 :iconveryoldoldold:veryoldoldold 27 3
Rebecca vs Shannon start by veryoldoldold
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Rebecca vs Shannon start :iconveryoldoldold:veryoldoldold 28 2
Rebecca vs Shannon face off 2 by veryoldoldold
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Rebecca vs Shannon face off 2 :iconveryoldoldold:veryoldoldold 20 1
Rebecca vs Shannon face off by veryoldoldold
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Rebecca vs Shannon face off :iconveryoldoldold:veryoldoldold 28 3
Pit Fight 30 by AleenaZon
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Pit Fight 30 :iconaleenazon:AleenaZon 8 2
Pit Fight 28 by AleenaZon
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May 27, 2017
6:11 am
May 27, 2017
4:54 am
May 27, 2017
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Straight Left
*click on picture to see full size image*

I knew I had nailed the bitch good and now, as she staggered and reeled before me, I took my time and drove a straight left into her face so hard it nearly took her stupid fucking head off her shoulders! Taking a breath I prepared to throw my money punch and finish the cunt for good! The Fighter Bitch was mine now, so was the fight, the belt, the prize money....fuck, I might even take her car as well!

Story by :iconredmanxthered: and :iconthis-cat-has-claws:
Liz By Yuli Chan2
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the incredible artwork of my new friend Ruth, also known as Yuli-Chan2 . I met Ruth back in Febuary when I found this picture in someone's favorites...
Boxing Training by Yuli-Chan2
and absolutely LOVED it. As I poked through her gallery a little more I noticed that Ruth had some real talent. What blew me I'm sure it will you as that after 5 years here on DA she only has 20 watchers and a little over 5000 pageviews to date. I couldn't believe that so I sent her a note to see if she would be interested in my help to get her artwork noticed a little more. Ruth was to do a picture of me in the ring, and as you can see she's gone above and beyond the call of duty here and of course as many of you know, I would post her picture to my page so all my friends and watchers could see what an incredible artist she is.

Only 20 watchers??? Come on people, we can do better then that! I expect to see my closest friends and watchers in her watch list within the next couple of days. All artists need motivation and I think the best motivation is knowing people are looking at and enjoying your work.

Find the amazing work of Ruth at this link. :iconyuli-chan2:
Alice vs Liz
Okay, so by now you've all heard about the OCWorldTour-nament run by mayday and PhoenixCreed . Well my first round match is finally here and who do I draw but what appears to be an obvious underdog in Laotian fighter from Fullerton Ca. Alice Lao. Alice only stands at 4'11" but already has huge fan support behind her. Don't let her previous picture fool you...
OC World Tournament: Alice vs Liz by oldandjinxed

this little lady is a bulldog if I've ever seen one. I may have a reach advantage but that only helps me if I can keep her at bay...once she starts to get inside my guard, hit and run I could be in for a serious fight. Remember that no one is here by accident, every competitor is here for a reason. I need the help of my loyal fans to get me through to the next round of the blue bracket so help me out by going to this link and casting a vote for me. Together we can defeat this mighty mite.…

Alice is property of oldandjinxed 
I can't thank you all enough!

I hope you will all excuse me as I break my tough "Lizzie Cat" persona for a few minutes to thank each and every one of you that took the time to stop by my page and wish me a happy birthday over the last couple of days. I've been down with the flu since Tuesday morning and yesterday was the first day I've started to feel human again, then to see all the well wishers leaving me comments, notes and emails was really touching and actually a little overwhelming. I have, without a doubt the greatest group of watchers on DA. I do have a few shout outs I'd like to make for a few friends that went above and beyond the call of duty here.


Happy Birthday by Erazer941




Not to forget my good friends redmanxthered who sent me a lovely e-card, Sacron22 who sent some DA points my way and once again TrentHarlow who did a very sexy 3D story for me(sorry guys, that ones for my eyes If I've forgotten anyone please feel free to call me out on it as I received so much that it would simply have been an oversight on my part.

Lastly, as most of you know by now I am entered in the OCWorldTour-nament and am into my first match against a tough little scrapper named Alice Dao…

I hope all my fans will get behind me and cast your vote for me here…
as I'm falling behind this little whirlwind.

I love you all (okay, puts on tough face again)
Liz :kiss:
Happy Easter weekend all!

Just a couple of things to say here....first of all I want to thank my very dear friend GreyGhost64 for my early birthday gift...thanks to him you poor people are stuck with me for an extra 4 months as he extended my core love me or hate me I'm not going anywhere for quite a while.

I also want to thank all my wonderful friends for the fan art that keeps coming in and for those who have been using my "Lizzie Cat" character in their stories and pictures on their own pages lately. You may or may not have seen the items posted by TrentHarlow 
Liz By Trent Harlow and Jeansinclairarts by This-Cat-Has-Claws
This Cat Has A Killer Uppercut By Vanqvisher by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Liz Claws Back By Vanqvisher by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Liz vs Kandi by Ramseyrule87 by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Belle Bar 17Ellen turned to Belle and grinned, “I think Liz has got her good” as she waved towards the struggling Monique who was being simultaneously choked by an arm around the throat and crushed by a leg scissor around her lower ribcage.
Belle, the proprietress of the bar located off a dank alley in New Orleans' French Quarter, chuckled, “You are selling Monique short. That Cajun is pure swamp, born and raised. I pity the poor Canuck when Monique gets her claws and teeth in and starts shredding and chewing.” As they both watched the struggling combatants where they had fallen after Liz had blindsided Monique by leaping on her back and applying the arm bar choke and leg scissors.
The scantily dresses patrons of this all female club gathered around the struggling ladies offering advice and encouragement in the best ways to spill blood and maim flesh while Belle's nattily attired staff in leather string tops and tiny leather thongs made sure the combatants had plenty of roo

Liz Brings a Friend by onek1995
and of course CB1964 

Mature Content

Round 2 In A Fog by CB1964

Also check out the poll going on at CatfightKing 's page and vote for who you want to see his girl Roxyfighter take on next...maybe one of the other girls should get a crack at her before I beat her to a pulp and take her title belt away from her.…

Again have a happy Easter everyone.
Liz :kiss:
Hello all....I have some REALLY exciting news to bring you! After almost a full year the rematch has been set.
Hyori Vs Cat Promo    By Erazer941-dazut59[1] by This-Cat-Has-Claws

My dear friend Erazer941 had been in contact with both Hyori ( :iconnuwenhai: ) and myself about a rematch because the first fight between us was so close at the end. You may remember that I squeaked out a victory against the former South Korean champion after we brutally beat one another senseless.
Hyori vs Liz 29 by This-Cat-Has-Claws
Not only did I beat Hyori that night and had her removed from the ring on a stretcher, but I also humiliated her by tearing her top away mid fight exposing her bare chest for all the world to see. Since then Hyori has wanted revenge on me and has called me out after several of her fights.
Sending a Message by MiltonTeruel
(click on the picture above and check out not only the comments but more of MiltonTeruel 's great works)

You could say that this is about Hyori wanting revenge for me beating her the first time we could also say this is about me wanting to prove to the world that my victory over Hyori wasn't a fluke...but when we get right down to brass tacks it's REALLY all about the fact that Hyori and I HATE one another soooooooooo much that we're willing to put our bodies (and maybe even our lives) on the line in order to try to hurt one another. I need to break this bitch mind, body and soul and I know she feels the same way. Erazer941 was kind enough to set me up with his amazon fighter from Finland, Klara Solberg to spar with and get me in the right frame of mind for this fight.
Cat Sparring Klara By Erazer941-db1mrmg[1] by This-Cat-Has-Claws

Hyori, back out now while you still have the chance! If you chose NOT to then know I fully intend to destroy you this time and you may end up leaving the arena in a hearse.


This-Cat-Has-Claws's Profile Picture
Liz "This Cat Has" Claws
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
We've come a long way, Baby! I opened this page knowing NOTHING about digital art other then it was a hobby of my husband Vanguard83 . The only reason this page existed is a female watcher of my hubby's called me out to fight in an animated art project on his page. Rather then trash talk her over his shoulder I figured I would step up and verbally spar with her face to face. Things kind of snowballed from there to me writing the story of my first ever REAL fight back in jr high school, to trying to pose figures in DAZ to my new passion (as well as my husbands) animation. I am working closely with Van and he is showing me how to properly position figures and use different speeds for different effects. He and I are hoping to help make a name for ourselves in the years to come with animated cat fights, wrestling matches and women's boxing. I hope my art is around years and years after I'm not.


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